2017 Leading Practice Conference ‘HOLDING THE RISK’ which will be held on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 February 2017 at the ParkRoyal, 30 Phillip Street, Parramatta New South Wales 2150.

Over the last thirty years FWT+DP has earned an enviable reputation through the creation and delivery of affordable and quality practice-based professional development opportunities for family support practitioners and we are pleased to present the statewide biennial Professional Development Conference in partnership with Wesley Community and Family Care.

Event Summary:

The conference is designed to inspire, stimulate and connect practitioners and organisations that are passionate about driving positive change and best outcomes for children, youth, families and communities and start conversations to energise the sector to think differently, share and embrace more innovative practices.

This leading-edge conference will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn from our sector’s foremost thought leaders including Associate Professor Daryl Higgins and Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson.

Topics will include:

  •  Emerging best practice and innovative models to better address trauma and its impact on individuals, families and communities.
  • Responding to issues of risk in your work to best support families and communities into the future
  • Strengthening efficacy of family work programs: Why and how to incorporate evidence informed practice to optimise outcomes and measure your results
  • Exploring effective ways to overcome practice issues when engaging with hard to reach families
  • Working collaboratively with individuals, families and other services to empower people, support ongoing healing and capacity building as the method for gaining the best outcomes for children and young people.
  • Strategies to better incorporate trauma informed work with strength based practice.

The Conference will be followed by the option to attend the highly-renowned Bridges out Of Poverty 2-day seminar, an educational approach that aims to provide profound insights and answers to family support practitioners serving clients challenged by financial and social disadvantage.

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